The 15th Annual Veteran's Day Dinner and Dance took place on November 11, at the new Mercer Street Dance Hall from 5 to 8 pm, with music from the Hot Texas Swing Band.  Despite the cold, wet weather, there was a great turnout for the event. Our Veterans enjoyed food, music, fellowship, and dancing. Thanks to the event sponsors and donations we were honored to present a check for over $5000 to the Patriot Hall building fund to help begin construction on a new building for our local Veteran's groups.
We would like to thank our Sponsors for making this event possible:
Red White and Blue Sponsors
Broadway Bank
Lions Club of Dripping Springs
Prosperity Bank
Freedom Sponsors
Dripping Springs Automotive
Bud Wymore - Candidate for State Rep
Dan O'Brien Law Firm
Deep Eddy Vodka
Allstate - Ed Mena Agency Inc,
Indigo Healing Acupuncture
Judge Tacie Zelhart 
Kimmell Builders Inc
Lloyds Automotive
Malone Diesel
Walt Smith, County Commissioner
Security State Bank & Trust
Sunset Canyon Veterinary Clinic
Sponsors in Kind
Bill Bailey Signs
Hot Texas Swing Band
Mercer Street Dance Hall
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Posted by Sharon Collier on Jun 18, 2018
Assistant District Governor Sharon Collier on district good news!
* Rotary International Foundation is doing well this year.
* Polio is down to 3 countries, Pakistan, Nigeria and Uganda.  A new mobile phone program through RI has issued 5,000 mobile phones to track polio, recording who is vaccinated, who is not vaccinated, who refused vaccination.  The phone have other applications that will make a big difference when applied.
* The district is doing well - membership has grown, we have a new club in Blanco, a new mobile club in San Antonio and is financially fit, employing a treasurer.  The district is expected to meet membership growth goals.
* The Dripping Springs club accomplished much this year by getting our club foundation in order and well funded; a signature fundraiser that was the main contributor to the club foundation and she is excited about the new club officers. 
Sharon voice appreciate for representing our club to the district and has enjoyed serving as assistant district governor.
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Posted by Pamela Bratton on Jun 18, 2018
Michelle Bailey and Shirley Price of Hospice Austin share some excellent information on how hospice care works and how you can do advance care planning.  Advance Care Planning is your plan for what happens when you can't be your own advocate.
Here's some great take-aways from the program:
* Hospice provides comfort care, support for family members and peace of mind
* Hospice manages symptoms - there is no curative treatment or treatment drugs, only doing pain management on patients who are disease eligible, meaning there is no cure.
* Hospice can be utilized at home, in the hospital or assisted care facilities.
* Hospice can provide equipment, medication, nurses, assistants and provides 24-hour access to a hospice nurse while in hospice care
* Hospice Austin has the Christopher House, which is an end of life facility for patients with an acute level of symptom management issues.
* In evaluation of who should enter care, a 6-month prognosis is the basis (is it reasonable to expect them to pass in 6 months), some patients last longer
* Hospice Austin supports a bereavement camp for minor children to equip then with the tools they need to cope.
* Medicare regulates hospice care and 100% of hospice care is covered under Medicare part A as well as most insurance plans have good coverage for hospice care.
* You need a physicians order, medical records and it is always best if the patient is able to arrange for their care before becoming unresponsive.
Hospice Austin has over 400 volunteer in their huge service area of Travis, Caldwell, Bastrop and Hays counties.  However, they are short of volunteers in the Dripping Springs area. Volunteers are needed in many functions:
* Stuff envelopes
* Cut patient hair
* Licensed message therapy
* Acupuncture
* Read to patients
*Shop for families
* 11th hour volunteers - those willing to sit with patients while actively passing.

To volunteer for hospice in Dripping Springs, reach out to:

Michelle Bailey, Hospice Representative or 737-346-9940

Shirley Price, Advance Care Planning Director or 512-348-4789

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Posted by Pamela Bratton on May 22, 2018


TIRZ stands for the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone.
The program set 2016 property tax values as the base and anything above that generates a match from the city and county.  As we see our property values rise, then we see more money coming into the TIRZ for projects. 
The 4 key projects include:
1. RR 12 at Hwy 290 - flood/drainage correction
2. The new Town Center
3. Old Fitzhugh improvements - sidewalks, street lights, and drainage
4. Parking for downtown
The Town Center project is proposed on the 14 acres of land owned by the school district.  Development would include city hall, the library, retail and possibly the school district offices (however, passage of the bond may change that).  The concept was approved at the end of 2017 and now market studies are being conducted.  The size of city hall needs to double and the library needs 30-35K square feet and they want to be up front in the center.  The county tax office is expected to be in the new Town Center, but the law enforcement station would stay on Roger Hanks Parkway.   The vision is to create a civic complex with shared resources and commercial uses.  450 parking spaces are planned and drainage with holding ponds have been considered. 
This is designed as a public/private partnership.  It is still in the vision stage with the concept approved.  Now seeking private sector developer input.  The TIRZ meetings are the 1st Monday of every month at 4 pm.
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Posted by Pamela Bratton on May 17, 2018


Hays County Sheriff Gary Cutler and Lt. David Burns put on a great program regarding Active Shooter.  Sheriff Cutler also shared some great information about what is happening with the bond money we passed last year. To view the Power Point presentation by the Sheriff, click on the link below:
Some highlights include:
Our county covers over 680 square miles and crimes in our growing county from 2016 to 2017 include:
19% increase in crime against persons and property
3% increase in property crimes
Animal control actually decreased
Drug Offenses are up by 17% year over year
Progress from the bond package:
The Public Safety Bond should be complete by end of 2019
The jail currently holds 317 inmates and the county has a total of 571 inmates, thus costing the county $13,000 per day to outsource inmates (that's $4.7M per year).   The new jail will house 1,000 inmates and will be able to house and charge for other inmates in our system.
The link/power point presentation has many details you will find interesting.  The Sheriff wants folks to know the progress and how this bond expenditure will improve our law enforcement services.
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Posted by Pamela Bratton on May 07, 2018


Jad Jadeja leads the DSISD Fab Lab.  He has 25 years in technology, including 2 start up companies and research.  He joined the staff at DSISD in 2007 operating the computer lab, then come on full time in 2011. 
Schools are very competitive today.  Students need to learn that failure offers a very valuable lesson and that failures generate creativity.  He wants his students to think creatively as there is no recipe for innovation.  He has had students from DSISD Fab Lab go on to some great opportunities, such as the student who is now interning at Google; a student went to UTSA and was immediately transferred because her first year classes at UTSA had already been learned at Dripping Springs - she is now an intern at NASA.  He has a group of young ladies who include 4 engineering students and 2 programming students who have created a prosthetic hand on a 3-D printer.  His class is currently working on a printed circuit board and has almost mastered it.
His objectives are to continue to expand the engineering program from current of:
* Programming
* Robotics I & II
Engineering I & II
Computer Science
Current Projects:
F1 in school - Team competing at a national level at COTA on June 14-16.  Come on out and observe.
4X4 in school - Team also competing at national level, came in 12th in international last year;  also will be at COTA June 14-16
Best Robotics
FRC Robotics
Lend a Hand
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Posted by Pamela Bratton on Mar 26, 2018

Foster Village - Chrystal Smith

Chrystal and her family went on a mission trip in 2013 that would forever change their life.  They took their 3 children, ages 1,9,and 3 to Reynosa.  They wanted to make a difference and became licensed foster parents.  Their first was an 8 month old baby girl, which they later adopted.  They are still in touch with the child's birth mother, who was unable to care for her.  When CPS arrived with this precious baby girl in the middle of the night with no clothes, diapers or anything, they realized how unprepared they were.  As they started networking with other foster parents, they all had the same issues, which is partially why the average foster family quits after just 1 year.  These families feel a lack of support and resources.
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Posted by Pamela Bratton on Mar 19, 2018

Ransomed Life - Susan Burkholder, Presentation Coordinator

Ransomed Life is a healing community for sexually exploited girls age 12-17 years old who are trafficked or at risk of trafficking. 40 Million people are held in slavery per the International Labor Organization (ILO).  10 Million (1/4th) are minors
In 2016 it was a $150Billion industry!  It is the #1 criminal enterprise followed by drugs as #2 and illegal guns at #3.
Trafficking Victims Protection Act:  A human trafficking victim is a person induced into performing labor or a commercial sexual act.  A minor induced into performing commercial acts is automatically human trafficking.
Sex Trafficking in the US:
10 are US born to 1 foreign born
In Texas as of January 2017, 313000 humans trafficked.  79,000 are minors of which 75% are girls and 25% boys.  The other 234,000 are labor/slave trafficked.  74% of trafficked children were somehow involved in Child Protective Services (CPS).
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Posted by Pamela Bratton on Mar 14, 2018
 Colonel (USA Retired) Jeanne Arnold is a Principal and one of the founding members of Arnold & Schroeder, LLC., a strategic planning consulting and Red Team Training company. She is also a senior consultant with Red Team Thinking, LLC. She holds a Master of Education from Texas State University and a Master of Business Administration from The University of Texas McCombs School of Business (EMBA ’14).
Jeanne shared some quotes with us that resonated with our business instincts:
"No matter how great your business is today, the only way it can stay great is to continue to evolve."  "Change is the only constant" "There is no end state for any business"
What is Red Team Training?
Red Team Training is a structured and iterative process executed by trained, educated and practiced team members with access to relevant subject matter and using structured analytic techniques.
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