Posted by Pamela Bratton on May 07, 2018


Jad Jadeja leads the DSISD Fab Lab.  He has 25 years in technology, including 2 start up companies and research.  He joined the staff at DSISD in 2007 operating the computer lab, then come on full time in 2011. 
Schools are very competitive today.  Students need to learn that failure offers a very valuable lesson and that failures generate creativity.  He wants his students to think creatively as there is no recipe for innovation.  He has had students from DSISD Fab Lab go on to some great opportunities, such as the student who is now interning at Google; a student went to UTSA and was immediately transferred because her first year classes at UTSA had already been learned at Dripping Springs - she is now an intern at NASA.  He has a group of young ladies who include 4 engineering students and 2 programming students who have created a prosthetic hand on a 3-D printer.  His class is currently working on a printed circuit board and has almost mastered it.
His objectives are to continue to expand the engineering program from current of:
* Programming
* Robotics I & II
Engineering I & II
Computer Science
Current Projects:
F1 in school - Team competing at a national level at COTA on June 14-16.  Come on out and observe.
4X4 in school - Team also competing at national level, came in 12th in international last year;  also will be at COTA June 14-16
Best Robotics
FRC Robotics
Lend a Hand