Posted by Pamela Bratton on Mar 07, 2018
Club business announced:
* Welcome John Pacheco from the Century News.  John was photographing club members for an upcoming article on the Home and Garden Show
* Welcome speaker Justice Marialyn Barnard
* Cindy Reynolds reported that the scholarship applications for Rotary Club are live on the DSISD counseling site.  The application deadline is April 2 and the award banquet is May 23.
* Founders Day Parking we will be using vans from Ledgestone, Hill Country Care and Broadway Bank, saving us $800 in rental fees.  We need enough volunteers to cover all 3 entrances to the parking lot at the high school.  Karlon, Joe have canopy tents we can use, along with the club tent.
* Raffle tickets for the district sponsored cruise are due back April 23.
* Ashley and Sam attended PETS and will be qualified to complete grant applications for our club.
* Home and Garden Show vendor spaces are sold out!  We need volunteers to sign up ASAP.  The entrance tickets will be $5 each; flyers available - distribute everywhere please.
* We need speakers for the last 2 weeks of April - let Karlon know if you have someone.