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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Dripping Springs!
Mondays at 11:45 AM
Flores Mexican Restaurant
2440 Hwy 290 E
Phone 512-858-2221
Dripping Springs, TX  78620
United States
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Home and Garden Show Success

Dripping Springs Rotary Club's

2nd Annual Home and Garden Show

Success falls short in how over-the-top this show was for the club and the community.  Every vendor space was sold out and the vendors were already reserving their space for the 2019 show.    The club made over $14K on this one event - our largest ever!!
Vendors said things like: "We sold more than our store sold and they were running a big sale"
Chairwoman and President-Elect Ashley Tullis and her trusty co-chair, Wendy Eichorn organized members, sold booths, and put together a great show.  Ashley acknowledged folks by name: Amir posted to Instagram; Robert hung a giant banner from a steel frame; Pam secured a chicken coop to auction; Charlie manned the back door and kept people coming in the right way; Sharon's cookies were the hit of the show and she also printed a huge number of handouts (saving the club $$); Karlon was a helpful greeter (most of the time); Wendy, Frank, Walt and Sarah (not even a member of our club) really know how to run a concession stand (with great food); Bruce sold vendor space, Tom was a real handy-man with the help of his granddaughter; Phil knows how to tape off a room and layout as well as be a great vendor; Cindy was amazing with the kind and giving pony rides (out in the heat); Cindy R is a great cashier, hostess and concession volunteer (in place of Interact students); Howard helped with set up, clean up, the door and all around volunteer; Debra created a live-feed of the show and shuttled seniors to the show; Don has a potential career on security; Dan was the photographer and took many great shots; Joe is really a great jack of all trades with audio, video, advertising and speakers (not your typical engineer); Bonnie, Sam and Glenn volunteered everywhere we needed them.
Ransomed Life - Susan Burkholder

Ransomed Life - Susan Burkholder, Presentation Coordinator

Ransomed Life is a healing community for sexually exploited girls age 12-17 years old who are trafficked or at risk of trafficking. 40 Million people are held in slavery per the International Labor Organization (ILO).  10 Million (1/4th) are minors
In 2016 it was a $150Billion industry!  It is the #1 criminal enterprise followed by drugs as #2 and illegal guns at #3.
Trafficking Victims Protection Act:  A human trafficking victim is a person induced into performing labor or a commercial sexual act.  A minor induced into performing commercial acts is automatically human trafficking.
Sex Trafficking in the US:
10 are US born to 1 foreign born
In Texas as of January 2017, 313000 humans trafficked.  79,000 are minors of which 75% are girls and 25% boys.  The other 234,000 are labor/slave trafficked.  74% of trafficked children were somehow involved in Child Protective Services (CPS).
Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Profile:
The seller makes money selling to the buyer.  The buyer is a middle aged, college educated, married man who is buying the 'product' which is below the age of 18. 
750,000 predators in child's phones through apps and games.  For girls it often starts with a 'Romeo pimp' or someone who befriends her and then either preys on her affection for him or drugs her.  Most are homeless and drug addicted.  Less than 1/2 of 1% are actually abducted.  83% of missing children went willing with someone they knew or thought they knew.
The Trap:
The victim is looking for love, acceptance, adventure or protection.  The pimps target middle school kids because of their vulnerability, social media presence, and hormones.  Less than 1/2 of 1% are ever rescued.  The average life span of a victim is 7 years in trafficking.  They die from untreated medical issues, murdered, or drug overdosed.
Ransomed Life offers 4 pillars of hope:
1 to 1 mentoring
Community awareness and youth presentation
What can you do?
Raise awareness
Prevention - education youth
Local engagement - using borrowed spaces currently to provide safe environment
Be an advocate
Be a voice
Be an abolitionist
"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it" Albert Einstein
Ransomed Life
2018 Program Line Up


May 7 - Jad Jadeja - DSISD Fab Lab

May 14 - Sheriff Cutler and Lt. Burns - Active Shooter
May 21 - Dave Edwards and Taline Manassian - Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones - Town Center Project
Club Business 3-19-18
* President Karlon acknowledged and thanked the club for amazing participation in the Home and Garden Show, which made over $14,000 for the club. 
* Next up is Founders Day Parking. We still need volunteers, but no drivers.  See Debra Maddox to pick your shift to work.
* President Karlon presented Pam Bratton with her Paul Harris Fellow +1 pin for contributing $2K to the Rotary (International) Foundation.  She actually earned it in 2017.
* We still need speakers for April 2nd and 30th (although Ralph is tentative to show off his WS ring).
* Board Meeting March 26th immediately following the club meeting.
Jeanne Arnold, Red Team Thinking, LLC
 Colonel (USA Retired) Jeanne Arnold is a Principal and one of the founding members of Arnold & Schroeder, LLC., a strategic planning consulting and Red Team Training company. She is also a senior consultant with Red Team Thinking, LLC. She holds a Master of Education from Texas State University and a Master of Business Administration from The University of Texas McCombs School of Business (EMBA ’14).
Jeanne shared some quotes with us that resonated with our business instincts:
"No matter how great your business is today, the only way it can stay great is to continue to evolve."  "Change is the only constant" "There is no end state for any business"
What is Red Team Training?
Red Team Training is a structured and iterative process executed by trained, educated and practiced team members with access to relevant subject matter and using structured analytic techniques.

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