Posted by Pamela Bratton on Apr 09, 2018

Club Assembly - Planning for 2018-2019

President-Elect Ashley Tullis led the meeting in a spirited conversation about our club and what it might look like in 2018-2019.  Ashley has big plans for our club, noting that she wants to grow the club so big that we will need a larger space. 
Did you know that Rotary only requires that a club have 2 meetings per month?  This generated some great thoughts of still having 4 interactions per month, but maybe they could look like this:
1st week - Great/dynamic speaker
2nd week - Club meeting or assembly to discuss club projects
3rd week - Dynamic speaker
4th week - Evening social
5th week if 5 in a month - no meeting unless another meeting is missed for a holiday
Having a great speaker every other week will keep members engaged. The quality of speaker must be top notch and not the kind where someone is selling to you.  It is also easier to get 2 great speakers per month than 4.  It was noted that the club used to have club assembly/meeting once a month, but it had poor attendance so it was dropped.  The club started as an evening club, but members were too busy to attend.  Everyone agreed that our evening's are too full for another evening meeting every week.
It was noted that some long-time members have dropped because the club no longer met their needs.  It was suggested that we do an exit interview or follow up with members who leave.
Our club should be well known for 1 or 2 big events and generate enough money to support our club goals.  Our club foundation is only 1 year old and you won't want to miss Karlon's foundation presentation on April 30th.  Everyone wanted more club financial information and what we do with the money.
How do we evaluate fundraisers?
* How much revenue was generated for the effort?
* Do we have a person to lead/chair?
* What is the manpower and time need?
The idea of members doing a presentation about themselves at the club meeting.  People become engaged by shared sacrifice  and social engagement.  Everyone agreed that we want to know more about each other and have social engagement opportunities.
Ashley passed around a sheet so members could choose projects of interest and chair opportunities.  The club needs to have clear and organized objectives.  The list shared is really a list of "what are you willing to do for the club' list.  Then we can decide what we want to do with money raised.
One idea shared was one heard at PETS - a community spelling bee.  That would be fun to see adult teams pay to compete in spelling.  Howard shared that we had discussed the flag project but needed to raise the 'seed' money to implement the program.  Karlon noted that 3 years ago we were a lunch club where people didn't really participate and today we are a club of people who want to serve our community and others.
Expect a member survey from Ashley that will include your individual preference for:
Personal goals
Club goals
Community involvement