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Posted by Pamela Bratton on Oct 19, 2017


Welcome guests:
Sara Eckhert-Maur from the Fredricksburg Club
Esther Wash, wife of Glenn
Cindy Kendell, guest of Debra Maddox, and prospective member
Aamir Abdullah - soon to be member

Aamir Abdullah will be inducted as a new member on Monday, October 23.


Club Business:

* Do we want to meet Monday, November 20th? That is the Monday of Thanksgiving week.  Club will vote on this date at the meeting Monday, October 23.

* The Tiger Golf Team is playing at Grey Rock Golf Club on November 12, if you'd like to be part of a team, see Karlon Cox.

* Thank you to the 6 Rotarians plus guests who worked on restoring the horse barn at the Burke Center.  Thank you Ashley for lunch. Thanks to Wendy Eichorn (brought the project to the club) she was able to report that the roof and walls were shored up, repaired the pulley system, and made it functional and looking good.  "The club knocked it out of the park" and it is now safe, sturdy and well done.

* Pints for Polio is October 27 6-8 PM at Treaty Oak.  We have 120 glasses to sell at $20 each.  They will also be available at the door.

* The Raffle drawing will be held at the end of the Pints for Polio on October 27th.

* Veterans Day Tribute is Saturday, November 11th at Mercer Street Dance Hall.  We need sponsorships primarily, then on the day of the event we need to you sign up to volunteer to cook, register guests, serve food, set up and clean up.


Thank Goodness for Today:

Pam was thankful the Astros are in the playoffs (games 6 & 7) in Houston Friday

Glenn was thankful his wife could join us for lunch today

Phil was thankful that Don took care of the hard work at the Burke Center

Sam was thankful to everyone for the Burke Center work

Don was sad the Longhorns came up short, but thankful

Etta was just happy

Sara was happy ACL Fest is over

Ashley was thankful there was a noticeable difference in our work at the Burke Center


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Posted by Pamela Bratton on Oct 19, 2017

The 100 Club of Central Texas

It is a non-profit dedicated to serving the families of first responders (including game wardens) of Central Texas who have been killed or critically injured in the line of duty.  The organization was formed when William Packard asked 100 friends to contribute and got 100% participation. All 100 Clubs are autonomous. The Central Texas Club formed in Austin in 1983 and later expanded to include 6 counties: Bastrop, Bell, Caldwell, Hays, Travis and Williamson.
Etta Moore, executive director, shared the following information with the club.
* The support for the families of fallen first responders includes both financial and emotional support through scholarships, events, and gifting.
* They provide memorial services for K-9, mounted patrol ad dire dogs.
* They provide ballistic vests for the working K-9 as well.
In 2016:
* Served the families of one fallen and 5 critically injured first responders
* Memorial service for Williamson County K-9 officer Chico
* AED's to Bell County Constable, Precinct 3 in memory of Deputy Constable Jeffery Radford
* Assistance with securing a Trackchair for former Smithville officer Ray Shappa, who was critically injured in the line of duty.
* Special holiday gift cards were sent to our 25 surviving spouses and 53 surviving children.
2016 Revenues:
42% of revenues come from contributions and memberships
40% from special events and fundraisers
13% from Investments and grants
2016 Expenses:
86% Program Services
7% Management and general
7% Fundraising
For more information you can go to:
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Posted on Oct 10, 2017

Meet Rotarian Pamela Bratton

Pam Bratton has been a Rotarian since 2004 when she joined the downtown club.  After becoming a ‘virtual’ employee of in 2016, she transferred to the Dripping Springs.  
Pam is Vice President of Meador Staffing Services, a full-service staffing firm located in Pasadena, Texas.  She has been with the firm since 1996 and in the industry since 1974.  Pam specializes in Contracts, Compliance and Advocacy.
She serves on the state-wide boards of The Texas Association of Business, The Texas Association of Staffing, The Texas Society for Human Resource Management and is Treasurer of First Baptist Church Dripping Springs.  She is married to Ralph Bratton, a scout for the Houston Astros (who will retire in 2018). 


Why are you a Rotarian?

I am a Rotarian because I believe in giving back my time, talents and resources to make my community and this world a better place.

What is your favorite service project?

I love all of our projects, I am extremely partial to any project involving children because they are the most vulnerable and it is our responsibility to take care of all the children of the world.


A little more about Pam from the roving reporter:

Pam was named Rotarian of the year by the Dripping Springs Club last year and her award was created by our own Phil Hoggatt of Carved Stone.  
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Posted by Debra Maddox on Oct 02, 2017

Attorney Patrick Reznik from Braun & Gresham

Mr. Reznik gave a very informative talk regarding transmission lines, pipelines, routing roads, and condemnation easements. His business is protecting the land owner when these projects are slated to go across their property and he apparently represents landowners all over Texas.

Transmission lines are power lines, pipelines can be oil, gas, water distribution. Transmission lines are regulated by the Railroad Commission. Pipeline Companies are for profit. They do all their planning in secret, then surprise the homeowner with their plans when they plan to execute. If there are already transmission lines/pipelines on a property, more lines/pipelines can be run parallel to the existing ones on a parcel. Property owners need to pay careful attention to the title exception report when purchasing property. The easements, if on the title report, can be accessed at a later date and the land owner has little say in the matter. There is something called a “Blanket Easement” that allows pipelines anywhere on a property. If purchasing a parcel of land/ranch that has this easement on it, proceed with caution, because pipelines can be put anywhere on the property at any time.  Patrick from Braun & Gresham said that once the Railroad Commission has set their sights on your property, he can act as an intervener. All is done in the Public. All affected land owners can get together to re-route transmission lines. Transmission lines do bring down the value of a property. Reimbursement to the land owner is for only the part of the property that the power line is sitting on, then the rest of the parcel is called the remainder.  Damage to the remainder is often the issue. The Utility may appraise the remainder at a higher value than a land owner. Another type of damage that may arise, are damages to the Community or damage that affect all.
If the Governing Body wants to take over all of your property, then it is called Eminent Domain. The steps are as follows: 1. Call-you will be advised of the initiation to condemn your property.  2. Bona Fide Offer- It is the Condemners official offer and it has a 30 day deadline 3. The law requires a written appraisal and a 14 day final offer. Time is of the essence and the sooner you get an Attorney involved the better. If you say no to condemnation, then a lawsuit is filed. The Judge appoints 3 land owners that live in your County to act as Commissioners. Their job is to listen to all involved and award compensation. After the award, then construction begins.  As a land owner, you may file an appeal, then it is heard in regular court.
Regarding easements, it is caveat emptor, buyer beware. Realtors are nor bound to tell potential buyers of the easements on property. There is a landowner alert system that Braun & Gresham distributes twice per month via email on interesting land topics. It may be a good time for all of us to sign up for it. 
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Posted by Debra Maddox on Sep 30, 2017

Dr. Wilmayra Ramirez

Dr. Ramirez does network chiropractic care and creates greater wellness through the mind/body connection.  She encourages people to make healthier lifestyle choices that lead to an increased quality of life.  For example, studies have shown that when people eat meals as a family, the members have less cardiovascular disease.  Successful people like Tony Robbins take good care of their bodies and minds.  He has a morning exercise ritual that involves meditation and exercise, then me moves on to start his day.  Dr. Ramirez led the Rotary group in an intentional relaxation moment that had the group focus on taking slow planned deep breaths that included exhaling and inhaling.  She said when a person does this, blood pressure lowers, stress melts, and the person gets a renewed sense of peace.  If you would like to learn more about this technique, Dr. Ramirez is having a workshop at Waves Chiropractic soon.
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Posted by Debra Maddox on Sep 18, 2017
Dr Ryan Shepherd, who is a Doctor of Neuropathic Medicine working along-side the Family First Chiropractor Group. He is originally from Toronto Canada, has trained in the UK, China, and Canada. He has two children, ages 3 & 7 and fur babies (cat & dog). Dr. Shepherd is a trained herbalist, acupuncturist, and focuses on functional medicine (nutritional). He has pain management training too. He invented the FSN therapy (fast needle therapy) that helps to alleviate pain.
Dr. Shepherd explained that traditional medicine focuses on drugs that target alleviating the symptoms of the diseased state, not on the disease. His practice focuses on looking at the body as a web. One system affects the other. They focus on preventive care. Diet is the base of all treatments. Food has biochemical components, and believe that food can heal. Blood work reveals what is nutritionally deficient in the body as well as hormone components. They deal in real time evaluations, not generalities. Dr. Shepherd mostly treats thyroid disease, digestive disorders, acid reflux. They can even lower blood pressure by the use of pharmacy grade herbs i.e.. snakeroot.
To have a healthy body he suggested that the average person should drink lots of water daily (reverse osmosis water the best), eat meals in a calm/relaxing environment, eat the colors of the rainbow, cook from scratch, avoid excess sugars and refined carbohydrates, and avoid vegetable oils & margarine. Eat  more vegetables than fruit.
At this time, medical insurance does not cover these service. It is cash only.
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